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"Bringing joy to seniors through music"

Musical Fitness is an upbeat exercise class to the classic tunes of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. We incorporate DANCE, STRENGTH TRAINING, CARDIO, and FLEXIBILITY into our programs to improve the acts of daily living for seniors. Classes are accessible to all as we cater to those in wheelchairs, walkers, standing seniors, and those in memory care.

Our team is skilled in training the senior population, and are certified personal trainers and group fitness instructors.

For the safety of those affected by the global pandemic, all instructors have been fully vaccinated.


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"Musical Fitness strives to get seniors moving by exercising their body, mind, and souls through music!"

-Alexa Ray Claps

Director of Musical Fitness

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Group Fitness options:

  • DANCE- These upbeat dance classes are a fun way to get moving while also improving balance and coordination, improving cognitive function, reducing stress, and boosting overall fitness. In a follow-along-format, participants can groove sitting or standing as we dance various styles of waltz, swing, Latin dance, the twist, square dance, hustle, and cardio dance to all of the classics. With no previous dance experience or dance shoes necessary, this dance party is fun and accessible for everyone!

  • STRETCH: These classes are a gentle form of stretching to improve flexibility and posture. Participants can take the class sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support. Stretching is incredibly important for the aging body as it improves range of motion in joints, improves balance, and reduces the risk of injury. 

  • AEROBICS: These classes will elevate the heart rate with low impact aerobic movements and varying levels of intensity. Whether participants are sitting or standing with the support of a chair, they will feel the benefits of moving their body and getting their sweat on! Aerobics is vital to keeping an aging body’s muscles strong, maintaining mobility, strengthening the heart, and reducing the risk of falls or injury.

  • STRENGTH TRAINING: These classes are designed to increase physical strength and mobility through resistance exercise. All major muscle groups are worked with an emphasis on movements that aid in the acts of daily living (squatting to help get out of chairs, arm raises for reaching overhead, and deadlifts to help pick things off of the floor). Participants can take the class sitting or standing behind a chair for support as we use resistance bands to strengthen the body, relieve and reduce chronic pain, and improve posture.​





From a young age, Alexa identified herself as an athlete and fitness lover. She competed as a professional archer across the nation and experienced many injuries during her competitive years. After her first session in physical therapy for a shoulder injury, Alexa knew that she wanted to help others with their health. Instead of only treating patients with injuries, she wanted to stop injuries before they could happen. This interest lead her to pursue her career as a personal trainer. Alexa received her certification as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor through the American Council on Exercise while also completing her degree in dance and nutrition at the University of Washington. She found herself training clients from ages 18 to 98 and realized how fulfilling it is to care for the senior population. Seniors have historically been underrepresented in the fitness industry and Alexa sought out to provide seniors with excellent care in exercise while also making it fun. She partnered with Naomi Morgan, founder of NM Entertainment, to produce a program that brings an active and healthy lifestyle to seniors across Washington.




Robin is what some would consider a “late bloomer” in the dance department. She did not grow up around dance or performance, but instead spent her younger years playing soccer and eventually taking up horseback riding and competing in equestrian sports. At the age of 15, however, Robin discovered a love of the theater. She joined her high school’s drama department, and subsequently the jazz choir, and began participating in all kinds of plays and musicals. Singing and acting felt natural; but her “weakness”, she thought, was dance. But she sensed the potential within her for joy and expression through movement, and at the age of 21 she signed up for ballet and jazz at a local studio. Through dedication and a genuine love of dancing, Robin grew in skill and confidence and has gone on to dance in a range of styles as a featured performer and dance captain in musical theater all over Washington. Her personal favorite dance styles include swing and tap. Robin hopes that the next chapter in her journey will be one of helping all the other “late bloomers” out there to discover their own joy through movement, and to realize that it’s never too late to start dancing.

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