Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer live band options for any of your performances?

ABSOLUTELY!! We offer live musician options for the following productions: The Calamity Janes, The Memphis Belles, and The Valentinos. If your favorite production has a price listed, that is the price for the track version of our show. If you would like to add live music, the upgrade starts at $400 and goes up depending on production. Please contact us for details.

What does your company do?

We provide an extensive CATALOG of entertainment including live cabarets, cover bands for all ages, karaoke, DJ's and web channels.  We also offer other SERVICES such as summer camps and music therapy. 

How do I book a performance?

To book a performance, visit the web page of the desired production under CATALOG.  You may also click HERE to submit your Performance Request.

Can I pay my bill online?

You can pay your bill online through your submitted invoice.  If you cannot locate your invoice, contact our ADMINISTRATOR and they can resubmit it to you.  We are working to update this system so  you may pay your bill online through our website. 

How do I cancel a performance?

We understand cancellations happen because of things beyond our control.  Please contact our BOOKING ADMINISTRATOR immediately to avoid losing you deposit and/or any promotional benefits. 

What are your prices?

We are known for providing affordable, high-quality entertainment.  Prices vary, depending on what production you'd like to book.  Please visit our CATALOG to choose your desired production.

Do you offer any classes?

Students 6-12 years, we offer TWEENLAND summer camps.  Aspiring artists 18-35 years old, we offer an ARTIST DEVELOPMENT program to assist in the creation of music videos, albums, performances, representation and more.  For seniors we also offer a new MUSIC THERAPY program.

How do I audition?

We are always looking for talented performers!  Please visit our CASTING PAGE for more information.

How do I apply for a job/internship?

We are seeking administrators, producers, educators, therapists and more.  Please visit our WORK WITH US PAGE for details.

*NM Entertainment strictly enforces mutual respect to ALL employees and contractors regardless of rank!