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Utilizing local talent, Naomi produces musical brands and services for her diverse market of clients.  She is an acclaimed musical theater actor, singer, and musical playwright. She is the Broadway World Award winner: Best Leading Female in a Musical.  She is the original creator of musical brands including Singing for Seniors, Tweenland, The Memphis Belles, The Valentinos, DivaTech, King of Swing, Lady Fitzgerald, The Calamity Janes, and more.  She is also the musical playwright of Industry: a new musical. She continues to progress as a producer and create wherever there is a need for entertainment.



Artistic Executive

Michael has a long standing relationship with NM Entertainment as a Music Director and Music Supervisor.  As a reputable leader, musician, and cognition of the brands, Michael is essential for the artistic growth and production quality of NM Entertainment.  Michael is also the Co Composer of Industry: a new musical.



Production Manager

Coming soon!


Director of Music Therapy

Tanesha has mastered the art of combining her love of performances and philanthropy. She is a graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, and has been singing in some of the nations top tier bands, including Hit Explosion (Seattle) and the Bobby Attiko band (New York). She worked in top theater houses including 5th Avenue Theatre, Village Theater, and Seattle Children's Theater. This led her to New York, where she worked on Broadway, a broadway National Tour, and worked on various regional New York stages. Tanesha continues to work with many philanthropic organizations throughout the country. She is also a Board Certified Music Therapist working closely with children, as well as the elderly population. Whether she is entertaining and audience or providing first rate music therapy experiences, it will be done with grace, precision, and of course, a dash of humor!



Director of Singing for Seniors

Alex is a certified graduate of the Washington State Teaching Artist Training Lab.  She is well versed and respected in arts and education.  As a teacher, mentor, and performer, NM Entertainment finds Alex to be a great fit to lead one of our most demanding brands, Singing for Seniors.


Director of Signature Entertainment

Sarah is a highly esteemed musical theater performer in the greater Seattle area.  She possesses excellent communication and managerial skills and is a true asset for substantial growth.  As she easily understands our audience, she also speaks the language of our performers, making Sarah a true visionary for Signature Entertainment.



Director of Golden Age Entertainment

Jessica is a stage performer, Director, Educator, and an award winner Choreographer in the greater Seattle area.  She is well known and respected as a leader in the theater arts community.  Jessica is a graduate of the University of Washington with a Bachelors of Arts in Drama and an emphasis in Acting and Directing. She has worked at Seattle's top musical theater houses including 5th Avenue Theatre, Village Theatre, ArtsWest, and more. She received a 2014 Gregory Award for Outstanding Choreography: The Wild Party (Sound Theatre Company). She also runs Village Theatre's Institute program. She carries the necessary innovation skills to take on our fastest growing division, Golden Age Entertainment.

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