Our Mission Statement:

"To change the entertainment industry"

"A Seattle entertainment company where everything is fair,

and entertainment is paramount"


Company Founder: 

Independent Executive Producer

Naomi Morgan

Naomi produces musical acts (and more!) by utilizing some of the greatest talent Seattle has to offer.  Naomi focuses on creating a variety of entertainment to ensure she has something for all walks of life!

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Director of Singing for Seniors:

Entertainment & Music Therapy Services 

Tanesha Ross, MT-BC

Tanesha has mastered the art of combining her love of performance and philanthropy.  Whether she is entertaining an audience or providing first rate music therapy experiences, it will be done with grace, precision, and of course, a dash of humor!


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Director of GOLDEN AGE Entertainment:

The Memphis Belles & The Valentinos 

Carly Marie

Carly has a an ear and eye for accuracy when it comes to musical performance.  Her experience with directing and leadership gives the NM Entertainment quality of the golden age era, while appealing to younger audiences and inspiring new artists.


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